Pocket Project: Tools for Trauma Processing


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Selected tracks from the 5-days Pocket Project workshop with Thomas Hübl, which took place in Israel in June 2017.


  1. Congruence of words and current energy
  2. Always communicating with intelligence
  3. Keeping autonomy in the traumatisation
  4. Identified resonance of collaboration
  5. Recognizing the energy of a group
  6. Full energy fields create boundaries
  7. Aligned with intention
  8. The internal space capacities
  9. Spirit becomes matter through life
  10. Future a level of consiousness not time
  11. Emptiness is the coexisting of everything
  12. Transcent the difficulty of this lifetime
  13. Anchored in the substance of life

Duration: 56:42 min.

Published: February 2018

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