Spiritual Principles


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Thomas Hübl explains the basics of his work and the findings on the spiritual path. The millennium old knowledge of the mystics in a modern language. A new self- and world-image, which describes everything as energy in motion. Silence and movement, form and formlessness, and our energy, which already contains all the information and answers. And a world around us that responds to what we send out.

Recordings from a 5-day intensive workshop in the USA.

  1. Essence in movement.
  2. Being aware of the unconscious patterns.
  3. Stillness and movement – fully in life.
  4. Radiating information.
  5. Life responds to our energy.
  6. Open space to higher consciousness.
  7. Include and transcend.
  8. Timing to anchor in life.
  9. Realization of the formless.
  10. Energy has to fulfill its purpose.

Duration: 55 min.

Published: April 2012

MP3s in English