Another View on Reality


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This CD begins with a guided meditation, which leads to a quiet awareness of the moment through the attention for the subtle energies in the body. Then Thomas Hübl explains some spiritual insights about the nature of consciousness. He shows how a new We-culture can emerge from this by looking beyond the personal and directing our attention to a deeper dimension.

Recordings from a 5-day intensive workshop in the USA.

  1. arrive in your body (introductory meditation)
  2. stillness and movement
  3. consciousness and energy – we are happening in awareness
  4. competence of movement
  5. a new “We”
  6. a person is a window in a whole reality
  7. information from the space in between
  8. take care to support the highest in and around you
  9. listen beyond language

Duration: 55 min.

Published: April 2012

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