Shadow Work in Contact


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In the shadow work Thomas Hübl shows his abilities to look deeper in the intensive personal contact. However, buried feelings and unconscious patterns that seem to determine our lives, which we ourselves create, are disclosed. Healing encounters that reveal our vulnerability and fear and show ways to live our inner truth.

Recordings from a 5-day intensive workshop in the USA.

  1. Masculine energy of the father.
  2. Interested in your feelings.
  3. Don’t stop when it gets uncomfortable.
  4. Explore vulnerability in relation with people.
  5. Stillness and movement.
  6. Allowing to not feel much.
  7. Grounding with psychic abilities.
  8. Stay connected when it needs you.
  9. The leading edge of conciousness.
  10. The call of the inner connection.
  11. Don’t leave the truth to feel more comfortable.
  12. Create a supportive surrounding.
  13. Sharing something intimate.
  14. Melting in a relationally space.
  15. Grounding the fagile openess.
  16. Explore and tune in.

Duration: 56 min.

Published: April 2012

MP3s in English