The Power of We – 6 CD Box

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Six Sessions of Teachings for Integrating Spirituality into Work, Love, and Life


How does spiritual awakening take root in our lives? Does it happen on the meditation cushion, in the yoga studio, or on long retreats? “Our inner work plants the seeds of insight,” teaches Thomas Hübl, “yet lasting transformation emerges as we take our practice into the world of love, work, and culture – what I call the relational field.” On The Power of We, he presents a compelling vision of what fully engaged spiritual practice can be, with in-depth guidance into the fundamental competencies you’ll need to sustain awakening in the fast-placed “marketplace” of our modern world.


Tools and Insights for Awakening in the Relational Field


The relational field is more than the sum of our interactions with our friends, family, and intimate partners. As Thomas explains, we exist in relationship to every aspect of life – to our social environment, the past and the future, the wisdom of our chosen spiritual path, and our own potential. In this six-session course, you’ll develop a greater awareness for each relationship that shapes your life – and how to kindle your own evolution through practices such as transparent communication, attuning to subtle energy, illuminating shadow material, and much more. “For awakening to flourish, it must become our first priority,” says Thomas Hübl. “It must infuse and inform our work and play, our love and conflict, and every relationship in our lives.” Join this fresh and dynamic teacher for a journey that will revolutionize the way you practice spirituality in every moment with The Power of We.




    • Movement and stillness—the “core competencies” of spiritual practice for expressing ourselves completely in the world


    • The relational field—how the real work of our awakening takes place in our dynamic interactions with the people and experiences in our lives


    • Why be on a spiritual path? The challenges, responsibilities, and joys entailed in a committed practice


    • Intimate partnership—practical guidance for meeting the opportunities and pitfalls of spiritual growth in our most important relationships


    • Shadow work—how the unwanted aspects of our consciousness reveal themselves in relationship, and how we can process and integrate them


    • Creativity as the pathway to finding our life’s purpose and evolving towards our potential


    • Meditation, contemplation, and prayer—which practices are most valuable in the challenging context of modern life


    • Mystical principles—opening yourself to the language of creation and evolution as you deepen your relationship with divine consciousness


    • Contributing to a greater awakening—grounded and optimistic insights on the role each of us play in global evolution


    • More than seven hours of penetrating insights, accessible wisdom, and practical tools for expanding your spiritual practice into the relational field, with emerging teacher Thomas Hübl


Contents: 6 CDs  (7 hours, 28 minutes)

Date Published: December 01, 2014

ISBN-10: 1-62203-349-3

ISBN-13: 978-1-62203-349-2

Dimensions: 5 x 5 inches





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