Booklet: Transparence


In »Transparenz. Sharinggruppen – ein Abenteuer, sich selbst und Andere klarer zu sehen« schreibt Thomas Hübl über das Potenzial von Gruppen, über transparente Körper, Bewusstsein, Phänomene der Schöpfung und Wahrnehmung u.v.m. Mit zahlreichen Übungen und Inspirationen.

Broschüre, 72 Seiten

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Practice Groups – an adventure in seeing yourself and others more clearly.

This guide to Practice Groups describes the deeper context to working together, as well as providing some practical exercises for refined perception. Practice Groups form the ideal frame to live authenticity and transparency. In a supportive atmosphere of togetherness, we learn to speak and to share our truth of each moment. Focusing in common alignment on the source, the essence or God – no matter what we call it – the group energy field will help us to see deeper. In this way we will develop more compassion and awareness.

The Booklet is 68 pages long

It is also available as eBook